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A dental implant is the hardware that acts as an anchor, from inside the gum line, for a prosthetic tooth. It is necessary, when filling the gap left by a missing tooth, to replace the root as well as the superficial part of the tooth because the root stabilizes and preserves the bone - two pretty important tasks.

Made vulnerable by missing teeth, the underlying bone will begin to deteriorate in a process called bone resorption. This can affect facial profiles, decrease lip control, promote wrinkles around the mouth, and may even make the nose and chin look more severe and crowded.

This can all be avoided through the dental implant-assisted preservation of the bone. The implants will be accepted by the bone, strengthening a foundation for biting and chewing, providing the bone with an anchor.

Understanding the Benefits.

Overall smile is greatly improved with natural looking prostheses.Replacement teeth supported by implants make your new teeth look just as natural as the originals, and allow for confident smiling, speaking, and eating. It's a vast improvement over dentures, for example, which limits the foods you can eat and requires adhesives. Since the entire tooth is replaced, including the root, implant-supported teeth can have all the functionality of natural teeth.

Preserves natural facial profile. Without a root or implant in place preserving the jaw bone, the lower third of the face can collapse. So, implants serve a great purpose by keep the bone in place.

Preserves life of neighboring teeth. Implants are a stand-alone anchoring tool, so they don't require the grip or support of surrounding teeth. Other tooth replacement methods require the support of neighboring teeth, which means also the manipulation of neighboring teeth to fit crowns onto them.

Promotes good hygiene. Teeth supported by a bridge, for example, needs to be cleaned with a floss threader, while implant-supported teeth can be cleaned like natural teeth. Similarly, implant-supported teeth cleaning doesn't involve the hassle of dentures.

Easy to care for. Implants are securely anchored to the bone, so there's no need for adhesives, as with dentures.


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